StarrPower Restorative Pilates for Cancer Survivors

Taking Back Your Physical Power One Muscle At A Time!




The restorative movement program has been designed to provide a comprehensive and progressive therapeutic recovery program, for every participant. This book is divided into four diverse sections: Adaptive/Beginner, Intermediate, Challenge and - a special Lymphedema Segment: StarrPower Restorative Pilates for Cancer Survivors benefits: *Helps to dissipate scar tissue through gentle stretching *Restores and maintain range of motion, .Increases strength and flexibility to involved areas of the body. *Elevates endorphin levels: relieve tension, depression, weakness, and fatigue. *Restores upright posture after surgery .Relieves stiffness in neck, back, chest (tightness etc .Improves sleep patterns Improves energy levels *Relaxes the body and calms the mind .*Improves appearance and confidence Participants are encouraged to use each segment for at least 10 consecutive weeks, before advancing to the next level.

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