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When my mother Helen was diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2012, I remember feeling overwhelmed, not knowing who to turn to, and where to get advice. Simple things like what to eat became complicated for my mom. Whatever healthcare services and resources available locally were all we had access to.

My mom, unfortunately, passed away. Since then, I’ve often wondered about what we could have done to improve our situation. Then I started thinking about how we could make things better for people going through their cancer journey. I wanted to help other people in similar situations find the best resources they need to fight their battle against cancer and most importantly prevent cancer!

During the past few years I’ve met really amazing people: physicians, scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals, cancer survivors, and people who have been deeply affected by cancer.

Together, we created this platform named after my mom, HelenHealth.co that connects people with the best oncology resources in the world.

We soft-launched HelenHealth.co in Santa Monica, California and we’re currently part of the Harvard Innovation Labs' Venture Incubation Program.

We’d love to hear from you, to let us know how we can make this the best platform for your cancer journey!


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