Eating Hints: Before, during, and after Cancer Treatment



Eating Hints is a booklet for people who are having or are about to have cancer treatment.This booklet explains ways that you can prepare to eat well before cancer treatment. It covers common types of eating problems you may experience during cancer treatment and suggests ways to manage them. And once treatment is over, it offers suggestions for returning to healthy eating.What You Should Know about Cancer Treatment, Eating Well, and Eating ProblemsFeelings Can Affect Your AppetiteList of Eating Problems Appetite Loss Constipation Diarrhea Dry Mouth Lactose Intolerance Nausea Sore Mouth (Mucositis) Sore Throat and Trouble Swallowing (Esophagitis) Taste or Smell Changes Vomiting Weight Gain Weight LossAfter Cancer TreatmentEating Problems that May Be Caused by Certain Cancer TreatmentsLists of Foods and Drinks Clear Liquids Full-Liquid Foods Foods and Drinks that Are Easy on the Stomach Low-Fiber Foods High-Fiber Foods Foods and Drinks that Are Easy to Chew and Swallow Quick and Easy Snacks Ways to Add Protein Way to Add CaloriesRecipes Banana Milkshake Apple/Prune Sauce Lactose-Free Double Chocolate Pudding Fruit and Cream Protein-Fortified Milk High-Protein MilkshakePeanut Butter Snack Spread

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