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Blueberries, 6 oz

Blueberries, 6 oz



Native to North America, this sweet-tart berry's powerful antioxidant properties make it a superfood.

How to ripen

Picked at the peak of their juicy life cycle, these sweet balls of flavor can be enjoyed as soon as they arrive in your kitchen.

How to store

Like most fruit, blueberries don't like to be crowded, so transfer them from their cartons to a slightly larger, air-tight container in the refrigerator for best results.

Blueberries also keep well in the freezer.

  • Gently wash and dry on paper towels before arranging on cookie sheet
  • Freeze overnight
  • Transfer to a plastic bag for later use in recipes or smoothies

How to prep

Place blueberries in a colander and then dip in a bowl of cold water to wash. This will avoid crushing the berries which can happen under running water.

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