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Alra - Therapy Lotion - Protects Skin During and Post Cancer Treatment

Alra - Therapy Lotion - Protects Skin During and Post Cancer Treatment



Recommended by Doctors - Formulated with cancer patients in mind to support they need when undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Using this before and after your treatments will help to prevent and minimize your skin's sensitivity and breakdown without interfering with the treatment.


Soothes & Protects - Relieve painful burning and itching sensations as you deeply moisturize it. The Therapy Lotion promotes regeneration of tissues and contains Vitamin E, which acts as an anti-oxidant preventing the release of free radicals that cause cell damage.


All-Natural Ingredients - it's free of all detergents, preservatives, fragrance, and dyes to ensure minimal irritation, prevent inflammation, stop itching, and cure dryness.


Deep Hydration - Provides relief to dermatitis from treatments, and is also effective on eczema, sunburns, abrasions, diaper rash, and other severe dry skin conditions. Boost your skin's ability to lock in more moisture, you'll look even, rested, and restored.


100% Aloe Vera - Unlike most lotions that use water as a base, The Alra Therapy Lotion's uses aloe vera to accelerate the healing of your skin, while providing you with a cooling sensation on your skin.

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