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Empowering Youth for Breast Health: The Inclusive Approach of the Keep A Breast Foundation

Lorene Carpentier- Alnis, Keep A Breast Global CEO and Shaney jo Darden Keep A Breast Founder.

Photo: Naz Massaro

Breast cancer is a prevalent disease that affects individuals of all ages, including young people. To raise awareness and promote breast health among youth, the Keep A Breast Foundation has emerged as a leading organization with an innovative and impactful approach. They provide educational resources, support, and creative initiatives to empower young people in the fight against breast cancer. Here’s what makes the Keep A Breast Foundation a leading organization in the fight against cancer.

Education for Breast Health Awareness

Keep A Breast Foundation believes that prevention is the cure. One of their core missions to materialize this is to educate young people about breast health awareness. Their website offers a wealth of educational resources, including informative articles, videos, and interactive tools that cover topics such as breast self-exams, breast cancer risk factors, early detection, and healthy lifestyle choices. By providing accurate and accessible information, the Keep A Breast Foundation empowers youth to take proactive steps towards breast health and promotes early detection as a crucial factor in breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Support for Those Affected by Breast Cancer

The Keep A Breast Foundation also offers support and resources for those affected by breast cancer, including patients, survivors, and their loved ones. Their website provides information on support groups, survivorship programs, and resources for mental and emotional well-being. The Keep A Breast Foundation creates a supportive community for individuals impacted by breast cancer, fostering connections, and providing a safe space for sharing stories, experiences, and resources.

The Keep A Breast Foundation also offers their Keep A Breast Give Back Grant. This program provides funding for nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to supporting individuals affected by breast cancer. The grants are awarded annually to organizations that demonstrate a commitment to educating and empowering individuals about breast cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment. By funding nonprofit organizations that share their goals and objectives, the foundation is able to extend their reach and impact even more.

Creative Initiatives to Engage and Empower Youth

What sets the Keep A Breast Foundation apart is their innovative approach to breast cancer awareness and prevention among young people. They use art, music, and creative initiatives to engage and empower youth in the conversation about breast health. Their campaigns, such as "Check Yourself", use artistic expressions, social media challenges, and interactive events to spread breast health awareness, promote self-advocacy, and inspire positive change in breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Keep A Breast traveling education booth at Brewbies Festival benefitting KAB. Breast pillow by Breastology Bag. This pillow tells you the percentages of where on the breast you are most likely to find a lump. The 41% represents the area closest to the armpit of the right breast. Photo: Naz Massaro

Collaborations and Partnerships for Greater Impact

The Keep A Breast Foundation collaborates with various partners, including artists, musicians, and other nonprofit organizations, to amplify their impact and reach. They use partnerships to spread their message, engage a wider audience, and raise funds for their programs and initiatives. By leveraging collaborations, the Keep A Breast Foundation maximizes their efforts in creating breast cancer awareness and education among young people.

Inclusivity and Empowerment for All

The Keep A Breast Foundation embraces inclusivity and empowerment for all individuals, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or background. They recognize that breast cancer can affect anyone and strive to provide resources, support, and education that is accessible and relevant to all communities. The Keep A Breast Foundation promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in their initiatives, making their impact more comprehensive and empowering.

Megan Gammon from the KAB education team talking to festival goers about breast health at Brewbies fest.

Photo: Naz Massaro

Final Thoughts

Keep A Breast Foundation's innovative approach to breast cancer awareness and prevention among young people is making a significant impact. Through their educational resources, support programs, creative initiatives, collaborations, and commitment to inclusivity, they empower youth to take control of their breast health, promote early detection, and create positive change in breast cancer prevention and treatment. To learn more about the Keep A Breast Foundation and their impactful work, visit their website at

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Stay Healthy,

Samantha Ackary

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