Wig Stand with Wig Brush Combo, Portable Collapsible Wig Dryer Holder



short wig stands and 2 hair combs, they will be the best wig tools


It is lightweight and portable, the combination of wig rack and hair comb perfectly solves the problem of wig care. It is small and compact, you can keep the wigs the shape you want all the times even if you travel and go on vacation


Made of thick ABS material, it is designed solid and durable to ensure the wig can be well fixed on the rack and each part is not easy to fall off when using. It can make wigs dry quickly after cleaning without changing the shape, and can also be used to care for and display wigs


The two hair combs are suitable for any wig, they can minimize pain, prevent split ends and breakage, and unlock the most troublesome tangles easily. They are effective whatever wet or dry hair, and perfectly suitable for men, women, and children


If our products have quality problems, please feel free to contact us, you do not need to return, we can give you a new, to provide you with the best solution, your satisfaction is our most concern

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