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Understanding Cervical Changes: A Health Guide for Women

Understanding Cervical Changes: A Health Guide for Women



If you’ve just learned that your Pap test or HPV test was abnormal, and have questions, this guide has answers. It reassures women that most abnormal cervical screening results are not cancer, but rather early cell changes that can be monitored or treated. HPV test results and Pap test results (ASC-US, AGC, LSIL, ASC-H, HSIL, AIS, or cervical cancer cells) are explained to help you understand possible next steps. The guide also explains basic facts about the human papillomavirus (HPV) and answers commonly asked questions about HPV vaccination.Designed for women and their health care providers — this guide includes questions to encourage communication and learning. It also includes easy to understand medical images of the female anatomy and cervical cell changes.• HPV Infection• Pap Test and HPV Test• Screening Guidelines: When to Get Screened• Pap Test Results• Cotesting Results• Follow-up Testing• Treatments for Cervical Cell Changes• HPV Vaccines• Related Resources

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