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Post-Surgical Breast Cancer Recovery Pillow - Mastectomy or Cardiac Pillow

Post-Surgical Breast Cancer Recovery Pillow - Mastectomy or Cardiac Pillow



Meet the post-surgery pillow that offers a little healing with a whole lot of heart!

This heart-warming helper serves as a constant reminder of hope while also giving you the much-needed physical comfort and support that you require during recovery from breast or heart surgery. It provides comfort and braces the sensitive underarm area (axilla) after a mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery or to help brace the chest (sternum) when coughing deep breathing and even laughing after heart surgery.

Our signature heart-shaped recovery pillow is filled with smooth microbeads to flawlessly fit the contours of your body for maximum relief and features a soft easy to wash cover.

Not on the road to recovery? Everyone could use a little love! This travel-friendly pillow is just the thing to stow away in your carry-on for those long flights where a little extra neck shoulder or back support is needed.

Whether this healing heart is for you or the breast cancer survivor or cardiac patient in your life it is sure to bring lots of love wherever it goes.

Courage to Conquer Cancer a community health and patient education organization is dedicated to promoting research providing patient education advocating for patients ensuring quality cost-effective services and making products available that will promote healing reduce suffering and improve post-surgical outcomes for cancer cardiac surgery dialysis and other patients. Providing access to affordable products that aid in post-surgical management is the primary mission but to be a resource for continued research education and innovation is central to our mission.

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