Meeting the Challenges of Oral and Head and Neck Cancer: A Guide for Survivors a



This volume has been expanded, updated, and polished and thus constitutes an even more comprehensive resource of valuable scientific, psychological, sociological, therapeutic, financial, and practical information for the patient afflicted with head and neck cancer and his or her family. Appreciation of these principles [in this book] and others too numerous to mention will soften the impact of the cancer and facilitate the care of, as well as the caring for, the patient afflicted with head and neck cancer. From the foreword by Elliot W. Strong, M.D., F.A.C.S, Emeritus, Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Disease, Emeritus, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Former Attending Surgeon and Chief, Head and Neck Service, Former Professor of Surgery, Cornell University, Medical College. 
While the prevalence of head and neck cancers are relatively low, their impact on sufferers, is great from aesthetics through speech, smell, hearing and sight, to swallowing problems. As such, the value of a guide to help those with head and neck cancer and those who care for them has proved immeasurable. 
The first edition of the best-selling Meeting the Challenges of Oral and Head and Neck Cancer: A Survivor s Guide was launched only three years ago and, such has been the popularity of the book and so great has been the change in the field since, that this new, second edition has been extensively rewritten and updated, and expanded to include no fewer than five entirely new chapters. 
What began as an idea for bringing practical information to oral and head and neck cancer survivors in a reader-friendly format, has now turned into something of an institution, or even a community in its own right, with many survivors, family members, and healthcare professionals offering suggestions and input to the content, resources, and tables. Aside from offering advice on a host of topics including meeting the challenges of chemo, swallowing issues, surgeries, and more, there is good guidance on health insurance, information and sources for numerous commercial products from oral hygiene to skin care as well as an invaluable guide to publications, websites and other information sources, including support groups, medical associations, and more. 
Concise, practical, and packed with information, Meeting the Challenges of Oral and Head and Neck Cancer: A Guide for Survivors and Caregivers is here again to assist those who need help, and don t know which way to turn.

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