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Making the Chemotherapy Decision: Fifth Edition

Making the Chemotherapy Decision: Fifth Edition



Hundreds of thousands of people are cured of cancer every year, due in large part to chemotherapy treatment.  Making the Chemotherapy Decision is a comprehensive sourcebook for people entering or dealing with chemotherapy treatment and their families. In this recently-expanded fifth edition, updated in 2018, medical journalist David Drum demystifies chemotherapy treatment in a practical and supportive way. The book includes information on all 204 FDA-approved chemotherapy drugs, their side effects, and guides you through the entire cancer treatment process.  The author dispels many common myths about chemotherapy and presents clear, concise information on pain control, nutrition, lifestyle changes, patients' rights, alternative treatments, social and financial issues, the management of side effects and more.  Almost a dozen case histories of men and women who have experienced chemotherapy, a glossary, a list of useful resources and more are included. Making the Chemotherapy Decision provides information and support to help patients and caregivers along the way to recovery from cancer.

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