Integrative Strategies For Cancer Patients: A Practical Resource For Managing Th



Integrative Strategies for Cancer Patients is the definitive resource on the benefits of integrative therapies during cancer treatment. The book does not need to be read cover to cover to learn about integrative medicine. Instead it is meant to be a reference handbook for managing the most common side effects afflicting patients with cancer. Integrative Strategies for Cancer Patients provides hands-on guidance with illustrations demonstrating how to use complementary/alternative therapies during cancer treatment. Some of the techniques you will learn about in this book are: Yoga poses and breathing exercises to increase energy and manage shortness of breath Acupressure points to reduce nausea, vomiting, and pain Aromatherapy (essential oils) to decrease feelings of nausea and anxiety Nutrition strategies to help manage loss of appetite, depression, and hot flashes Massage techniques to aid in relief of lymphedema, constipation, and loss of libido Reflexology applications for neuropathy, headaches, and insomnia Dietary supplements to improve symptoms of chemo brain, fatigue, and radiation burns 100% of the royalties from this book will benefit the Integrative Therapies Program at Columbia University Medical Center. The proceeds will provide additional support for research in the field of complementary/alternative medicine.

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