I Survived Thyroid Cancer, But My Relationship Didn't: What I Wish I Had Known



This is a cathartic memoir. After my thyroidectomy from papillary cancer I lost my true self resulting in losing someone I never expected to lose. This book depicts what I went through physically, emotionally and mentally and how I found my way back to me. I was told by my doctor that thyroid cancer was the best cancer to get, thus leaving me totally unprepared for what destruction lay ahead of me. I was told I would not miss my thyroid being gone, that I would take a hormone replacement pill and live a normal life. This was far from the truth. As I came to discover so many others struggling the same as I had, and being given the same line from their doctors, it made me feel not so alone in what I experienced. It also opened my eyes to what thyroid cancer patients are not told, leaving them to figure it out for themselves after personal struggles and ruined relationships. My hope, by sharing my story, is to help someone else not endure the hardships that I did.

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