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How I defeated colon cancer: The real story of a survivor

How I defeated colon cancer: The real story of a survivor



Have you or someone close to you been diagnosed with cancer?

Are you preparing for a long hard fight?

This book will help you find the right path towards a cure!

It can be devastating news, hearing that you are suffering from cancer. The range of emotions you will feel at such a time will be wide and varied, but this sort of news is not the gloomy outlook it once was. In today’s world there are many ways to tackle cancer and inside the pages of this book you can learn things like:

- Using emotions and feelings in the fight

- Chemotherapy

- Surgery

- How to use diet to best effect

- Alternative treatments

- How to act and think during dark moments

- And much more…

Every treatment you read about in this book has been tested on a cancer sufferer. Some of it may not work on everyone, but within the huge variety of treatments there will be something that will help, whether it is finding a total cure, boosting your immune or improving your mental state through the process.

Colon cancer can be cured! This book could be your first step towards that!

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