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Gold Pineapple, One Medium

Gold Pineapple, One Medium



Gold pineapple tastes twice as sweet traditional pineapples. Gold pineapple also offers up to four times the amount of vitamin C typically found in pineapples. It is, in fact, one of the world's sweetest pineapples. Gold Extra Sweet Pineapples are grown year round in Costa Rica and delivered fresh to your table.

Pineapple History

Notable for their sweet taste, pineapples are the favorite of the tropical fruit family. The English name “pineapple” came from Spanish Explorers who said it looked like a pinecone. Pineapples are the world’s symbol for hospitality, and when presented to someone, it’s symbolic of saying “You're Perfect”. It is the only fruit that takes 18 months to grow, unlike most other fruits which take approximately 4 months. Pineapples must also be picked ripe, for they will not ripen once harvested.

Ways to Enjoy Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple

Gold Extra Sweet pineapples can be enjoyed with virtually any meal at any time of the day. Pineapples are great for breakfast, as part of a smoothie, perfect as a simple snack and dessert or as an ingredient for your favorite cake or salad recipe. They are also delicious when freshly cut and eaten on their own!

Grilling Gold Extra Sweet pineapple is especially popular and delicious because, due to its high sugar content, grilling caramelizes the fruit creating a golden brown color with a unique tropical flavor. Grilled pineapple can be eaten as a tasty addition to a favorite hamburger, meat or seafood recipe.

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