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Cool Blue Prosthetic Socks, Closed Hole Distal End 6 Ply (Wide Long)

Cool Blue Prosthetic Socks, Closed Hole Distal End 6 Ply (Wide Long)



COMFORT: When we designed the Cool Blue Socks, our goal was to create a product that could be worn comfortably throughout the day. We aimed to create a cushioning effect that distributes pressure evenly and reduces friction as much as possible, with a material that was soft and smooth against your skin.


PLY: We know that volume management is a huge part of daily life for many amputees. Our Cool Blue Socks come in several thicknesses, also known as plys, to help maintain a comfortable fit as the size of your changes. Adding and removing different ply socks as needed helps create a comfortable and even fit.


COOL & DRY: The CoolMax material helps move moisture away from the skin and assists in quicker evaporation. This helps to keep you dry, allows your skin to breathe which keeps you cool and helps in minimizing odor that is caused by lingering moisture.


MINIMIZE STRETCH: We use special manufacturing techniques to make a sock that reduces stretch which ensures thickness & comfort for life of the sock. Our goal was to create a sock that doesn’t lose softness or comfort but maintains it’s shape and thickness longer than our competitors.

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